The Story of the Storyteller.

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Book Bloggers say: my imagination went wild in a way it hasn’t done in a long time." 


Dragonreach is the last place on earth where magic exists. Pilgrims travel from across the world to learn magic from the last of Dragons. Its fate lies in the hands of two teenagers – shy, bookish Kai and feisty, tomboyish Bridget.


The Dragon Children: The Prophecy introduces Bridget and Kai who are plucked from their everyday lives and brought to Dragonsreach to fulfil their destiny as Dragon Children. After a legion of Iron Birds attack Zomak, Bridget and Kai are separated and set out on an adventure which brings them face to face with the deadliest of foes.


In The Dragon Children: Keepers of the Code (2017) their adventure continues as they uncover a nest of young dragons and bring the Dragons Code to the fallen city of Alryne. Whilst this brings hope for the future, an hidden enemy threatens the bond between Bridget and Kai and their own belief in magic.  Following this The Dragon Children: Dawn of Magic (2018) brings the series to a dark yet exciting finale as war breaks out between magic and the modern world and the Dragon Children themselves.  


Love Reading says: "Fans of JK Rowling, Philip Pullman and J.R.R Tolkien will instantly fall in love with the epic fantasy that Byrnes has created."  

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Book of the Boggart: The Little Book making a Big Difference

Book of the Boggart contains captivating and original short stories and poems featuring the likes of fairies, dragons, yetis, unicorns, riddle-talking wind walkers, and the story-loving boggart – a creature from British folklore – who lends his name to the book’s title.


The collection is the work of rising fantasy writer Hannah Byrnes, who ran a competition for youngsters to submit stories about their favourite mythical creature. She then took the best submissions and spun them out into these compelling tales  and accompanied by gorgeous black and white illustrations by talented artist Michelle Tolo.


Hannah is donating 100 per cent of royalties from Book of the Boggart to the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK – a charity that makes dreams come true for seriously ill children and young people.




Love Reading says: "A menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures from the colourful imaginations of children are brought to life in this delightful anthology of dark fairy tales."

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Dragon Children: The Prophecy


The debut novel by rising fantasy author Hannah Byrnes may be aimed at children and young adults, but the rip-roaring magical adventure has plenty of appeal for grown-up readers too.


The story, the first in a planned trilogy, offers a new thrill around every corner which is leaving readers eager for the next volume