The Story of the Storyteller.

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Despite only releasing her debut novel in 2016, fantasy author Hannah Byrnes is already causing a stir in the literary world, drawing favourable comparisons to the much-loved works of J.K Rowling and news and excitement has spread through local media. Salford online, ran an article in Spring 2016 where Hannah talks about balancing her legal career with her new found love of writing. You can read the article here.


Love Reading featured both Dragon Children: The Prophecy and Book of the Boggart in their blog with high praise for both books from their reviewers. You can read the blog here.


Byrnes is currently working hard on The Dragon Children: Keepers of the Code which is due for release in Spring 2017. Do keep up to date with her blog and social media updates to learn about the book and any special offers for existing fans.


Readers will be pleased that Byrnes is also working on a further short story collection to be released  Autumn 2017 called The Princesses that Fairtales Forgot which is a retelling of legends of great women from history.


The Dragon Children:

The Prophecy.

(2nd edition)


Kindle and Paperback

Release Date: Nov 2015


Rating 4.6/5




Donna of Donna's Book Blog reviewed the first edition of this book back in July. Her review features high praise for the book saying:


"I particularly liked the friendship between the two main characters of Bridget and Kai and how this developed together and how they were built upon individually with the supportive characters added."


You can read the rest of Donna's review here

The Dragon Children: The Prophecy

Rating 4.5/5


Abi of I'm just Booking reviewed the first edition of this book in May. Complaining of 'book buzz syndrome' Abi loved the novel saying:


"One thing that amazed me about this book and the main reason, I think, why it left so much longing for more, is the enchanting and enticing imagery used consistently throughout the story. Every landscape, every dragon and every mechanical animal: my imagination went wild in a way it hasn’t done in a long time."


You can read the rest of  Abi's review here

The Dragon Children: The Prophecy

Rating 5/5

B Perez of Oh my Bookness reviewed the first edition of this book in May.


"The ultimate success is the development of the dragons, they have a sense of realism to them as if you are just prospector looking in on a private conversation. The surroundings from up to the sky are given apt amount of visual for each scene set without  taking away from the reader."


You can read the rest of  the review here

The Dragon Children: The Prophecy

Rating 4/5


Book of the Boggart


Short story collection focussed on magical creatures. Age 8+


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Rating 5/5




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